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The Macri

The Macri

So rare it was thought to be extinct, the Macri is a spider-like creature with a powerful psychic connection to the most powerful Abnormal on earth. The Macri is ironically a tiny subspecies of that Abnormal, which is a massive marine dwelling animal named Kali by some, and Big Bertha by the Sanctuary network.

Requiring a warm-blooded host to survive, the Macri gives its host some formidable powers. The first is longevity, as its human host can live for at least hundreds of years without appearing to age. The second power is a mental link to Big Bertha, who will appear to the host - in visions - as a beautiful woman named Kali. The host becomes the herald of Kali, with the ability to communicate wishes and requests to her. The host also becomes dependent upon the Macri, so if the Macri is removed from the host, the host will likely die, although the host retains the mental link to Kali.

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